Friday, April 25, 2008

The last group of Mountain Hardwear folks gather for their final day of canyoneering on 4/20/08.
This is the AM safety talk before the group heads out.
Thanks to Mountain Hardwear for visiting us for 4 days in the canyons!
We are looking forward to the next Mountain Hardwear Rendezvous!!!

Left: Rick Green - Excursions of Escalante
Right: Micah Hinton - Mountain Hardwear
The Bartenders..........

Guests gather to listen to Freddie, another Mountain Hardwear sponsored athlete.

Excursions of Escalante hosts a party for 70 Mountain Hardwear folks on 4/18/08. The last party goers crashed at 4am.....! Canyoneering in the AM anyone?
Left: Micah Dash - Mountain Hardwear sponsored athlete.

Right: John Webb - Mountain Harwear

Thursday, April 17, 2008

ACA Basic Course on March 21st. Class consisted of 18 canyoneers, new and folks wanting a bit of a refresher...
In total about 50 folks gathered in Escalante for the ACA Rendezvous.
There may be another one this September 2008! We'll keep you posted!

ACA (American Canyoneering Association) International Canyon Rendezvous hosted at our place March 21st - 26th 2008. Guests came from all over the globe, including Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil and Nepal! What a blast we had!
This photo is of Rich Carlson (ACA President) teaching a Basic Canyoneering Course on Friday the 21st. Ropes in the yard before in the canyon!!!
Mountain Hardwear 2007!
2008 shots will be posted soon!
The weather is great today and we are on our first of four days of taking Mountain Hardwear out in the canyons. They are here for their 2nd Annual Rendezvous, testing gear etc. Let's see how it holds up when they are out with Rick!