Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Have no Fear, the Photographer is here!

Excursions of Escalante is proud to announce a new service for our guests! 

Patrick Hayes, a longtime friend and part of our Excursions family will be offering his professional photography services on our tours. Guests may now hire Patrick to capture their experience through his photojournalistic images and video. 

Death Hollow Descent
Canyons are full of sand, sometimes mud, and always a bit of dust.  Getting a little dirty adds to the fun...unless you have a camera to worry about!  

Well fear no more! Let Patrick stress about the camera while you live in the moment of your adventure.  His photojournalistic style will tell the story of your experience and let you focus on remembering the moments! 

Check out Patrick's page on our website for more photos, information and videos.  

Mondays are the Best! If you're in a canyon, that is...

Mondays can be a bummer to many people.  It's the start of another work week, back to the grind, waiting and daydreaming of the upcoming weekend's adventures.  Yesterday was not that kind of Monday...at least not for our crew (or us- we love our job!).  

Dave, Meg, Carol and Greg had been looking forward to this Monday for a while, and they were ready for an adventure!

We were treated with a beautiful, clear day and incredible bluebird skies!  Dave showing his smooth skills on rappel. 

As we worked our way into the canyon, the bright sunny day above created stunning, glowing walls inside the narrows.  

The spaces seem almost magical, the shapes as beautiful sculptures.  What a world exists inside a canyon that could never be imagined standing on the rim above!

Out of the canyon and into the river! Carol and Greg look back at where they've been.  What an adventure- and it's not over yet!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Best Monday Ever.

Mondays. Something many of us dread...but not when you're in Escalante playing in a beautiful slot canyon!  Yesterday's crew got to help this little guy out of a real pickle.

They found him stuck deep in the canyon. Sometimes animals fall or get washed into the canyons and can't get back out and end up starving or dying of dehydration.  We like to help the animals out when we can- karma comes around!

Our canyoneers descending into the depths of this twisting, colorful canyon.  Amazing to think they are following a path carved by water through an ancient sand dune! Earth is so cool.

 Kasey, Garrick, and Judd just chillin' and bridgin'.  Did you know sandstone gets its red color from iron oxide? Each grain of sand in the rock is coated in it!

 Up close and personal with the sandstone, Kasey and Garrick show how to be smooth in a tight spot.  

Monday, June 16, 2014

Thursday's Awesome Excursion

Summer is just around the corner and the highs are in the mid 70's here in Escalante.  Just beautiful weather to be out in the canyons.  Thursday we had two wonderful families with us, check out some photos from the day!

 The light was just perfect, glowing orange walls seemed to greet us around every corner. 

 Jodie, Bobby and Heidi enjoying the canyon glow. 

 Bobby looking great on rappel! 

Andrew showing off some of his canyon skills...can anyone guess what this move is called?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Today is always a good day for Adventure!

It's early June here in Escalante, weather is beautiful- high's are in the 80's and lows in the 50's.  The sun is warm and the canyons are cool!  Here's our group from Monday, having a great day in the canyon. 

Susan on rappel and looking great!  Check out the amazing cross-bedding in the wall behind her.  These canyons are ancient sand dunes over two million years old!  What you are seeing are the layers of sand that were deposited when the sandstone was still a dune, the changes in the direction of the layers indicates a change in the direction the wind was blowing when the sand was deposited.  How cool is that?!

Our Monday crew met this little guy in the canyon, a Canyon Treefrog!  An amphibian that lives in the desert, these little guys are nocturnal, hunting insects at night and hide in rock crevices during the day or in times of drought.