Tuesday, April 28, 2015

KSL Outdoors TV Shoot

Hello Canyoneers & Future Canyoneers!  It has been a super busy Spring here in Escalante.  Our tours have been packed, the accommodations in town busting at the seams and waits to get into the restaurants!  If you haven't visited Escalante, come for a visit and join the action.  

I took the photo below this morning as the team sat down to make a plan for a day of canyoneering.  Adam Eakle with KSL Outdoors is spending the day shooting with us for a piece on canyoneering safety.  We are excited to have him (back) in the canyons for a day!  The weather is awesome, so here is hoping for some great shots with today's crew.  We'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring is Here!

Greetings canyoneers and future canyoneers!  Spring has arrived early here in Escalante and therefore our season is already rockin and rollin!  Spring Breakers are arriving in Southern Utah to enjoy this fabulous weather.  (it could be snowing)... Trees are already greening up and the flowers are blooming.  Crew out in the canyons today, so I thought I would post a flower shot from in front of the shop this morning.  Cheers!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wrap it up, put a bow on it and call it Season 2014! Make way for the 2015 schedule!!

Ready to start thinking and daydreaming about next year?  
We are happy to announce the 2015 Multi Day Trip schedule is out! Click on the link below to learn about all the fun adventures we're planning for next season. See you in 2015!

Well folks, the days are getting shorter, the leaves are dropping and the busy season is winding down.  Soon Excursions will be following the summer sun south to Baja, MX where we'll be spending a little time relaxing and a lot of time poking around the backcountry of Baja, hunting down those hidden gems and secret spots for future Baja adventures. 

But first, let's look back at some of the highlights of our 2014 season...

Spring was beautiful, and the raptors were nesting! Rick rescued a very emaciated falcon chick from a canyon in the spring.  Last we heard from Best Friends was that the chick had regained strength and had been moved to the flight pen so he could beef up for a release!  

In August we had to say farewell to our assistant, Matt and his girlfriend Kami as they left Escalante for the Northwest and new adventures.  Matt started graduate school and last report was that he was happily emmersed in his studies and enjoying his classes. 

Excursions got technical.  Not only did we join the smartphone society (finally! our friends and family are very pleased.) but we also entered the wonderful world of social media!  Now you can follow our adventures and antics on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Trip Advisor, and Pinterest...as well as right here!! 

In October Jim and Caitie got married and Rick performed the ceremony!  It was a true Excursions family wedding- Jim is our lead guide and Caitie does just about everything here at EOE. The wedding was beautiful and weather was perfect. Couldn't be happier for those two. 

The 2014 season was filled with great people, wonderful adventures, and fun times with friends- new and old. Thanks to everyone for joining us for another amazing year doing what we love and sharing it with others. You made it happen.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Wedding Weekend! October 11th 2014

Excursions of Escalante had a big and exciting week last week!  Jim & Caitie got married on Saturday 10/11.  Below are a couple of shots.  For those of you that don't know, Jim is our Lead Guide/Instructor and Caitie does just about everything here at Excursions.  Rick was honored to perform the ceremony.  What a special day!!

Rick, Jim, Derek (Jim's brother) & Eric (Jim's best friend) taken before the ceremony.

Caitie & Jim after the ceremony.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fall is here and the canyons are fun!

Fall foliage is turning on the mountain, the kids are back to school and the adults are out to play!  We had a great group out last weekend.  Jen and Beth of Scheels Sports in Utah drove down to spend part of their adventure weekend with us and we FINALLY were able to get some hard working, local Escalantites to join us!

The crew! Angelique, Amanda, Jen, Beth, Robert and Darrel are ready to have some fun!

Beautiful light in the canyon!

 Canyon selfie! Beth, Angelique and Jen take a break to take a shot!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Baja Bound!

For the past three winters, Excursions has been spending time exploring the southeastern coast of Baja, Mexico. This year, after much research and on the ground experiences, we are excited to offer several multiday adventure trips in the backcountry of Baja. This beautiful, remote part of Baja has called to Rick the same way Escalante first drew him in over 20 years ago. The Sea of Cortez is world known for its incredible sport fishing opportunities, amazing snorkeling and annual whale and dolphin migrations. Jacque Cousteau once described it as the "world's aquarium" and the "Galapagos of North America". The beaches stretch for miles with hardly a soul to be seen, and the water is calm, warm and turquoise blue most of the year. The mountains and deserts host a surprising abundance of life as well as evidence of those that have come before. Rock art panels have been found all along the coast of the peninsula, some of which have gained UNESCO World Heritage Site status. 

Our base in Baja has been a sleepy little fishing village an hour north of San Jose del Cabo called Los Barriles. We have spent many days venturing to remote mountain villages and tranquil beaches, often finding ourselves the only human visitors much to the surprise of several sea lions and pelicans! On another excursion we discovered a remote beach littered with ancient Native stone tools and chippings. In the late afternoon we’d head down to the town beach to watch hundreds of baby sea turtles being released into the ocean, the hard work of a local conservation group, Grupo Tortuguero. Evenings were often spent at one of the many open air taquerias devouring incredible ceviche, shrimp and fish tacos, or amazing carne asada that was grilling all afternoon! 

While the area around Los Barriles is stunning and full of places to explore, the mountains north of La Paz kept tempting us as we studied maps and satellite images of their imposing beauty. We had finally found the backcountry we were looking for…and the exploration planning begun. 

Last winter, after much planning, organizing, and discussion we had worked out the logistics for an excursion into those mountains. Our team included Marjorie and Jean, interpreter and guides from La Paz, Rogelio who owns a ranch at the base of the mountain and packed our gear in on mule and horseback, and Polomo, a local guide who grew up on the mountain and knew its routes and secrets. Two friends/clients/all-stars, Tony and Judy also joined us for the adventure. Four days were spent hiking, scrambling, and rappelling through a geologic wonderland of green, pink, white and bluish rocks, hoodoos and canyons. Polomo showed us the remains of his family’s homestead at a palm oasis on the slope of the mountain, what a childhood he must have had up there! The excitement of discovery was palpable as we pushed for the saddle and hopefully a route to the summit and a possible canyon descent. 

Routes were evaluated, new vistas peaked interest in further exploration, palm trees whispered of undiscovered oases and all around the rocks and geology teased us with their mysterious origins. We will be back…the mountains are calling!

We will be hosting trips this winter 2014/2015, email for more information and trip dates at info@excursionsofescalante.com

Follow this link to watch a slide show of our Baja exploration trip last winter:       https://www.flickr.com/gp/127169536@N05/0F283W

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Canyons and Kingsnakes

We had a great time in the canyon with these guys. Father and son duo, Tom and Thomas show some sweet canyon bridging!  Later in the day, we discovered a young California Kingsnake in the canyon and the guys helped us rescue it.  Way to go guys! Canyon karma!

California Kingsnakes are constrictors and will eat rattlesnakes- definitely a good snake to have around!