Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring has Sprung!

Guided tours are in full swing now that spring is here.  Bob and Jo joined us again this year for an early canyoneering tour. They were here back in 2012 to take a 3 day technical course with us! It was great fun to see them again.  Jo also purchased and broke in a nice pair of TX3 La Sportiva shoes from our new gear store.

Of course with spring also comes “Spring Cleaning”…. Which is not near as fun as Canyoneering but has to be done. Amie is busy spring cleaning in the office, purging, organizing and dusting. Part of the cleaning is in preparation for a much needed new desk.  However, she’d much rather be out in the Canyons! 

Amie is also taking the jump and moving from a PC to an iMac! She has been waiting for a long time to buy an iMac and is very excited for the jump! This is quite an undertaking, between transferring files, learning the differences from the Windows world to the iMac world. Once the office is ready, then we plan to open the Shop for the season!  We are very excited about the new products we will be carrying this year. Come in and check it out!! And have a safe and wonderful spring season!

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LDCool G said...

Once you go Mac, you will never go back! Congrats and enjoy the convenience!